Saw Project: The Story

Here goes:

1. An unknowing victim is picked out at the Halloween party upstairs. He/she is asked to gently follow us down. He/she is given a safety word to say if things go to far. We want to scare not scar people. No word is spoken from this point. The person is blindfolded and brought brutally down to the basement.

2. In the innermost cellar room, isolated from the noise of the party upstairs, the victim is put into an (empty) bathtub. Here he/she is chained on hands and feet and left alone with no information of what is going on. The door is locked and the room is left in darkness except from a dark red darkroom bulb glowing through the ribs of a slaughtered deer and a randomly strobing white lamp in one end of the room.

Louise is ready

Our test victim Louise is ready.

3. We are not cruel people. When the victim (finally) takes of the blindfold, a telephone rings. The victim is instructed that in order to live, he/she has to find the keys for the chains. The first one is in a toilet beside the bath tub. The toilet is filled with unspeakable things. We have also a tube with compressed air going in to the toiled from behind, making it bubble and squirt.

But ... down there ...?

But ... down there ...?

4. The phone rings again. The second key is located in a wooden box in the sink. There is a hole in the box where you must put your hand and reach the key. The box contains some noisy machinery and a motor with a string whipping your hand as you reach in. The box also contains some ribs from the deer hanging in the roof.

.. What was that?!

.. What was that?!

5. Freedom is close now. The next key is at the end of a chain hanging into a chimney hole. Problem is; the chain is stuck. As the victim reach down in the darkness for it, a hand reach up from below and grabs hes/shes hand.

Yes .. yes .. I can feel your fear!

Yes .. yes .. I can feel your fear!

6. The key is found, but it is a lot of them. Which one is the right one for the door? The time is almost out and the end is near. The room is filled with smoke and the Tesla coil in the corner is getting violent. The phone rings again. Laughter.

7. No key fits the door. The lock is fake. We have betrayed you. Silence. Darkness. The door is opened. Applause.

There is no way out!

There is no way out!

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