Interactivos?09: Garage Science


During the summer of 1986, when NRK showed the rerun of Majka – the girl from space, a friend and I started to build our first spaceship. It was a mutation of the much more usual cabin in the woods, so our spaceship was made of plank, but equipped with an old washing machine engine and a control panel of destroyed toys. We never finished it, the actual lack of a real lift off kind of killed the dream maybe.



When Medialab announced the Garage Science workshop I got interested. One project, called Garage Astrobiology, sparked my fascination for escape velocity, earthrises and Association of Autonomous Astronauts. It would use data from the Voyager and Pioneer probes, mainly deep space magnetic fields, to construct an interaction with micro organisms. At first I thought that the idea was to mutate these small creatures with our research, but that makes no sense, they are extremophiles and thrive in non-human conditions. The project was rather an investigation into interaction between synthetic and organic systems, between macro and micro space, between NASA and the garage.

picture_16So in the very near future a small group of English, Austrian, Swiss, Estonian, Dominican and Norwegian researchers set out on the greatest adventure of them all…

To bring life beyond the stars.

Our research so far.

Photos from the whole workshop.

Talking to the man.

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