Old stories, The Marble Machine

The year was 2001 and I was happily unemployed for an extended period of time. In a shed I found som rusty iron wire and made my first little piece of kinetic art. To solder the rusty wire I had to rub down every joint with emery which I soon found to troublesome and invested in two rolls of new galvanized wire from a hardware store.

The second model I started building with my kid brother later that year. The result is presently taking space at my attic where it collects dust. Today, in the age of  Web 2.0, I have taken it down for a night to make this presentation video. When we reach Web 6.0, I will upload the machine itself.  Enjoy 🙂

2 days and 5 Light Harps


We held our first workshop. In Medialab-Prado. For Obsoletos. Not perfect. Not horrible. Fun. I have learned more about Spain in the last five days then in the rest of my life.

Obsoletos have actually explained the basics of the harp mucho mejor than I have on this blog so please have a look.

We only had two days to teach the five groups how to make their own Light Harp, so nothing was finnished 100% but all groups had a basic system up and working. Just before we had to clean up the space, it was filled with the strange sounds of japanese slot machines. Video here.

Workshop at Medialab – 8th and 12th may

Update: I have made a page called RESOURCES where I will put technical information etc. for the light harp and other projects. Take a look under PAGES…

We will hold a workshop explaining the basics of the Light Harp, for Basurama/Obsoletos at Medialab in Madrid 8th and 12th of may from 1630 to 2030. Continue reading