Workshop at Medialab – 8th and 12th may

Update: I have made a page called RESOURCES where I will put technical information etc. for the light harp and other projects. Take a look under PAGES…

We will hold a workshop explaining the basics of the Light Harp, for Basurama/Obsoletos at Medialab in Madrid 8th and 12th of may from 1630 to 2030.

The time is short and I will try to make the workshop as simple and practical as possible, with just a short intro and then straight to work. At the moment I have no idea how many people will show up, be it three or thirty, but if there are more then a few people they will be devided into groups.

The goal for day one is to make one channel of light harp, which is simply a light sensor and a AD-converter soldered together on a piece of protoboard, connect it to the computer, set up the software and make it trig a midi-sound (which sounds awfull but is a great start).

The goal for day two is more or less to be creative and find interresting ways of utilizing the sensors. This day you can connect more light sensors, maximum 8, use audio software to make greater sound or to output the triggers trough optocouplers to drive external electronics like toy synts or whatever.

The software used will basicly be versatile “drivers” written by me, in Delphi. There will not be time to work with the software, but I will share the source code and explain how it works so that the geeks can make their modifications or re-program it in theyr favourite language.

My spannish skills are limited to “Donde esta el hotel Guiri”, so the workshop will be held in english but if/when necessary my co-worker Andy will translate.

One response to “Workshop at Medialab – 8th and 12th may

  1. Hello! I’m assiting to your workshop next friday and tuesday. Sounds great! I hope we could have a short talk after one of the sessions. May it be possible?

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