MouseMan Mapping Madrid

We finally got the documentation together, so here are the photos from the making off and the opening day. This was one crazy project, we did our set-up in May in between the workshop we held, then one month later when it was inauguration time we finished the installation remote desktopping from Norway. Maybe for the first time I had the feeling of telepresence as we instructed the people at IED to walk in the room, chatted in WordPad and tried to calibrate the machine.

The installation is still running for one more week, upload your holliday photos from Madrid here.

El Mundo had an article about it.

One response to “MouseMan Mapping Madrid

  1. Looks beautiful!
    Pros: The map looks awesome, the shadow made by the person is much smaller then I expected. The halo fits perfect. The brightness of the picture seems good and the tracking seems fine.
    Cons: The map is smaller then I hoped. Would be nice with a bigger projection. And of course the slow hardware that you’ve told about.
    Lets make this perfect on Stedsans!

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