Our Global Addiction

The world is addicted. Our drug is fossil energy.

I am Norwegian but not proud.

Norway is a Democracy. It’s inhabitants are well fed after many years of global drug dealing and very aware of themselves and what they think they deserve. This becomes a catch 22. Most Norwegians don’t really seem to believe in global warming, partially because the government don’t take any action. The government, on the other hand, talks warm about CO2 reduction but take no real action, fearing that the voters will leave them.  And they’re  right; Any government doing something that really counts will be thrown off at the first crossroad.  Populists do the best to keep this going by telling the people what they want to hear: There is no crisis coming up. Just look out of your window, what do you see? Snow! It’s all alright. Just relax and keep on consuming…

So what other reasons are there. Why do so many Norwegians not believe in the upcoming events?
My suggestions:

  • We are three living generations of Norwegians who have been so lucky to be born in just the right place on earth in just the right spot of history where no evil ever happens. Three generations who have never experienced crisis worse then the swine flu. Since this is all we have ever experienced we intuitively feels that this it how it always has been and always will be.
  • Norway is one of the main drug dealers. This leaves us with a special responsibility for what is happening. We have to much blood on our hands to admit we are wrong. The Semmelweis syndrom.
  • As many drug dealers before us, we are hooked on our own stash. To put the needle away simply isn’t an option.
  • We are a bunch of spoiled children and we will not let anyone take away our toys and tell us that Santa doesn’t exists.

I am deeply pessimistic. The addiction is heavy and the consequences are still not really felt. I think we will keep pumping oil until the last drop is squeezed out, burning it all into the atmosphere leaving nothing for future generations but chaos.

The party can’t stop now, can it?

News about Dr Bürhool the Hooverbot

The project is progressing slooowly as a humanoid-project titled “Aüduhn” takes most of my time. humanoid
Anyway, the bot IS developing and now features motorized wheels, servo head movement, animated eyes and a web cam. Camera and control is done trough WiFi connection. Bleeping sounds will come. Probably also some doomsday device to help him enslave humanity. Considering a button on hes back where you can select “Good” or “Evil”, wouldn’t that be cute?

We presently have one big problem. The motors is to heavy geared. The motors are strong enough indeed, but it is impossible to run the thing slowly or to run something near a straight line. The motors are hacked battery drills, so the only way increase the torque is putting on smaller wheels, which is kind of tricky. Also we will then loose the incredible top speed is has now. Just see him spinning around in the video below 🙂

A challenging but plausible solution could be to computer control the motor speed. The motors are already controlled by a Arduino card so the main problem here is to get a fast motor speed feedback so the computer can calculate the thrust to compensate for any over/underspeed. But HOW?

Dear people. How can I create a fast and reliable speed sensor/counter for a hacked drill motor, which I can feed back to the Arduino?