All radio buttons are connected to the computer trough the PCF8574P I2C interface chip, except the one missing the cap. This are connected (n.c.) to the power on switch of the computer trough a relay. The relay will disconnect the switch from the pc power switch as soon as the pc power is turned on. In other words; it will turn the computer on when one of the other buttons are pushed, and after that the relay is energized and it can do absolutely nothing. Turning the computer off again is done trough software.
The three upper buttons are used to select scale to play, Major, Minor, Dim etc. The five lower buttons are used to control what type of sound to play; PAD1, PAD2, Feedbacker, String1, String2. You can press down several at the same time making the tones sound at the same time. The PAD notes are played by holding the light beam, the String sounds by “plucking” the beams. This makes it possible to play base with one hand, holding the beams, and melody with the other, plucking the beams.
Pushing the leftmost button missing the cap will turn off all the sounds and start a count down for software shutdown.

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