Forrest canceled – A new project emerging

After to many changes in the plot of the Stedsans Drammen scene, and after seeing the area with my own eyes, I figured the Lamp Forrest would thrive there. Instead we have agreed to do a virtual x-ray scan of one of the buildings which has a nice flat and bright surface for projecting.

A bit like this: but with the projector moving on a trolley to cover the whole building.

The idea is very much inspired by Luca, the Italian artist contributing to Stedsans Porsgrunn and other GF events.

The time is short and the road is long and winding. Godspeed myself.

(by the way, the new “white” layout is awful… I want Chuck back! )

2 responses to “Forrest canceled – A new project emerging

  1. I was bored at work again and started trying out the sandbox, well…you have to pay for the fonts and everything. So I reverted back to something grey…

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