Tinkarmas 2013 – Happy Jul!

Caterpillar puzzle for my todler:

Politicaly correct parents as we are. Homemade wooden toys we give. Wife (almost) came with the idea of a simple puzzle, like a car or caterpillar. I added the letters of his name to make it personal and to add an extra level of puzzle. It can be put together in any order but the one on the picture above is obviously the right one.


Architect drawings

CNC Gingerbread House:

Used arcitect drawings of our house to create a pretty accurate gingerbread model.
I created the model in audoCad, baked 3 flat sheets of gingerbread and let my CNC router do the rest. Nice, ey? General gingerbread hint: To avoid to thick plates, leave it in the oven for a few more minutes and the gingerbread collapses to a flat sheet again. (Probably depending on reciep..?)


Architect drawings


Gingerbread routing


Finished product, from a nice angle.


Real house, for camparison

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