I have design motor drivers for Lawrance Malstaf, for a new version of his work Polygon, which has previously been moved by hand.


The drivers features:

  • 12-24V DC motors up to 10A
  • Built in end switch inputs
  • Built in acceleration and current limiting
  • Two auxiliary  power outputs i.e. for driving a clutch in a future version
  • On board potensiometer and buttons for manual test driving and configurations
  • Bidirectional isolated RS485 port for remote control. Now programmed for my own “tinkarBus” from a master Arduino controlling the installation, but software adaptable for direct DMX in the future.


The PCB has been made by pad2pad. I’m not to experienced with PCB design so using Pad2pads own routing software keeps me from doing stupid mistakes or mixing inches with mm etc. Hva used them twice now and are very satisfied.

The installation itself is a rather complex net of pulleys and counter weights, making a lot of movements out of few motors. On the video above only four motors are used, but Lawrence aim to use nine motors making more complex patterns.


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