I2C controllable MOS6581 card

To clean up my Sid Organ, I have designed a simple card for my SID chips, allowing I2C control. The card will be addressable from 0-3 allowing 4 SID cards on the same bus.

The card is supplied from +/- 12V to fit the eurorack standard but with the option of single power if wanted. There is also a jumper to choose between MOS6581 and MOS8580, the latter using 9V power supply. I think.

There are, maybe unnecessary, +/-9V regulators to clean up the power supply output buffer in case of noisy power rails. These can be bypassed.


  • Selectable single or dual 12V supply.
  • Addressable up to 4 SIDs on same bus. Actually up to 8 if you use PCF8574B on half the cards.
  • Buffered Audio Output. Audio can be attenuated with resistors.
  • Optional 9V regulators for clean power to the output buffer.
  • Jumper for MOS6581 / MOS8580 selection.
  • I2C control. I will update my own Arduino SID library to fit this communication.
  • On board 1Mhz oscillator.

Click here for schematics.

Skjermbilde 2017-12-29 kl. 01.14.35.png



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