In seventeen days the verdict against a group of guys that have dismantling Hollywood as a hobby will arrive. Apart from the copying of VHS and some cassettes for the C-64 in the 80ties, we have never indulged in piracy. We are all open source. But the resent Pirate Bay Trial offer some signs of a paradigm shift though. First of all the use of theatre as an interpretation model and the dramatization of the process from the pirate side. As a long time theatre practitioner I find this amusing, it even challenged the sense of live. Continue reading

Good Bye Dubya


Its been fun working with you. This new guy and his Yodaspeak wont give such truth to the old saying: when the politicians become clowns, the clown must become political. Nothing really changes, but Andy Guarro will stop his agressions. Someone else will surely step up. In the meantime a brief history of the clan:

Saw Project: The Story

Here goes:

1. An unknowing victim is picked out at the Halloween party upstairs. He/she is asked to gently follow us down. He/she is given a safety word to say if things go to far. We want to scare not scar people. No word is spoken from this point. The person is blindfolded and brought brutally down to the basement.

2. In the innermost cellar room, isolated from the noise of the party upstairs, the victim is put into an (empty) bathtub. Here he/she is chained on hands and feet and left alone with no information of what is going on. The door is locked and the room is left in darkness except from a dark red darkroom bulb glowing through the ribs of a slaughtered deer and a randomly strobing white lamp in one end of the room.

Louise is ready

Our test victim Louise is ready.

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