The CMeTron

Got a request from the Brage Theater in Drammen / Norway. They wanted a weird contraption to visualize the dream of a 12 year old boy. A great invention that would change the world. They gave me a good budget and mostly free will so I ended up with this:

the thing

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Cargo Cult at Burning Man


Cargo Cult at Burning Man

We should ask for some Norwegian cultural-petroleum monies and go to Burning Man this year…

Our story begins in Melanesia during World War II. Thousands of American GIs suddenly descended on this South Sea island chain, bearing with them unimaginable riches: magical foodstuffs that never spoiled, inconceivable power sources. Just as abruptly the troops departed, leaving only broken, rusted Jeeps, crumpled beer cans, and the memory of Spam. To the astonished eyes of the natives, this was a miraculous occurrence, and they yearned for the return of abundance. Accordingly, they built totemic sky-craft in an attempt to summon back these Visitors and their legendary leader, the man the Melanesians called John Frum. They had formed a Cargo Cult.

Violet Ray

I found this beauty on a marked in Fredrikstad on a family holiday:

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I had no idea what it was but instantly fell in love! A few hours of research (AKA Googling) later i realize I have bought a pre WWII miniature Tesla Coil to stick up my ass! How cool is that!

The device is a Helio Lux Violet Ray Electro Therapy kit with a large variety of electrodes, including Eye Socked Electrodes, Anal electrode and Spinal Electrode. These devices was used for health care in the late 1930s but are now adopted by the BDSM community.

We have off course already given it a run at the 220Vs but, as expected, the device is completely dead. A look inside revealed a broken fuse and a shorted primary cap 1uF/1000V. This is now ordered from RS-components and my guess is that it’ll do the trick.

One question remains though; is the Noble Gas in the tubes still present after so many years..? Update will come when the cap arrives!

Update: Cap has arrived 🙂


tech dept.

The Lamp Forest #2

Foto: Torbjørn StråndOk, there never was a post for Lamp Forest #1 because of Norwegian dept’s prolonged uselessness.

The Lamp Forest is a grid of old worn indoor lamps individually controlled from a laptop. This makes it possible to make the lamp dim and twinkle in interesting patterns, or to let the lamps interact with the audience or actors.

Foto: Torbjørn StråndAt the fall of 2010 the Lamp Forest was set up for the first time for Stedsans Porsgrunn. It consisted of 64 lamps in a 8 by 8 grid in the park. Add some rain and we probably set the record for Porsgrunns ground fault of the year 2010!

Anyway it all went well with no dead actresses or technicians, and this year we will try again at Stedsans Drammen. I have still not discussed the matter with Mario, my programmer for the last year lamp forest (hatted gentleman below), and I still do not know what to change and what to keep. I’ll keep you updated! (maybe.. or maybe I just fall into prolonged uselessness again…)
E, Norwegian/Technical department.

These dimmers are older then you... Yes you!

Found + ReVival


They are back. Look what they made me do last time. Or look at what my grandmother made for me somewhere around 1986. It was during the post-Star Wars hangover and we needed a theme for our nerd club.

This time be prepared for a up-to-date critique of our new global president as lizard. Also it seems that 1984 is more present than ever with The Nobel War-is-Peace Prize.