Bling Toy Project – Inauguration and premiere party

jackin in

jackin in

The time had come to try the EEG-machine for real. The recipe:


raw brain data

– a new powerful Macbook straight out of the box
– a new IBVA machine
– installing the software for the first time
– setting up the electrodes and headband

This part was a one hour rush. Then the problems started:

– the Bluetooth connection, as a first time user this took annoyingly long time
– understanding both the interface and the data and at the same time presenting it

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All I want for Xmas is a face equalizer

Dear Technical Department…

In case you haven’t gone to u-tube to get the info. This is Daito Manabe, a maxMSP regular. The set up is not that complicated, we bought a simmilar machine at Garbage-Thor. You would need some knowledge of where to put the myoelectric sensors. And for godsake use bluethooth to avoid electrocution – or not.

Bling Toy Project – background


We got a grant. We bought a new toy. But the story does not start there. It started in a flea market almost three years ago, with a vintage hair dryer that begged to be bought.


Later during the research for our robot Maxi Wanzl, we stumbled upon the openEEG project. It offered EEG for the rest of us, but you would have to build it yourself. The technical department became sceptical: Not another D.I.Y. prototype that requiered months of work.

So one year ago, when Cycling 74 published the news about an EEG-machine that came with its own maxMSP patch at reasonable prices, we rejoiced. Finally the possibility to work with an interface device that goes both ways. With this we can make the brain control lights, music, video, etc. Or we can register and store the brains reaction to these impulses.

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