Using K8055 with Max/MSP

I notice that we’ve got several hits from people searching for the K8055 USB card, probably looking for a way to interface it trough Max/MSP.

When we created our first robot Maxi Wanzl we had the same problem, and I’m sorry to say that we did not find a really good solution. The K8055 however is easy to interface trough C++, Delphi or Visual Basic, so I ended up writing a “driver” in Delphi communicating with Max trough a virtual midi port (i.e. loopBE).

This works but is cumbersome and demands programming skills not possessed by the average Max user, so my conclusion is clear: BUY AN ARDUINO CARD INSTEAD!

  • Faster
  • More IO’s
  • Cheaper
  • Easy to interface to Max
  • Massive support

But, if anyone reading this actually know a good way of interfacing the K8055 to max, please leave a comment and let us know.