Lightharp, a closer look

Well here we are.

A neat gallery of the details of the light harp. Click on a picture for descriptions.

By the way:
Source code w/executables (delphi)

All sound including the feedbacker effect is generated with Propellerhead Reason 4. I will upload the reason patch on request.

2 days and 5 Light Harps


We held our first workshop. In Medialab-Prado. For Obsoletos. Not perfect. Not horrible. Fun. I have learned more about Spain in the last five days then in the rest of my life.

Obsoletos have actually explained the basics of the harp mucho mejor than I have on this blog so please have a look.

We only had two days to teach the five groups how to make their own Light Harp, so nothing was finnished 100% but all groups had a basic system up and working. Just before we had to clean up the space, it was filled with the strange sounds of japanese slot machines. Video here.

Workshop at Medialab – 8th and 12th may

Update: I have made a page called RESOURCES where I will put technical information etc. for the light harp and other projects. Take a look under PAGES…

We will hold a workshop explaining the basics of the Light Harp, for Basurama/Obsoletos at Medialab in Madrid 8th and 12th of may from 1630 to 2030. Continue reading

Sonidos olvidados, sonidos rescatados. Hacks musicales y bailables

We are giving a mini workshop during Basuramas Obsoletos cycle at Medialab-Prado. Here is a bit of old bacilö theory that relates to our project. Spanish only.


Todo aquello que pierde su utilidad o deja de funcionar, que caduca, extingue sus días de vida, es apartado automáticamente de la circulación, se pierde de vista y es relegado a un exilio impuesto, lo que podríamos llamar los exilios de lo inútil, por adoptar un término general que englobara estos espacios (desguaces o cementerios de coches, cementerios, vertederos, psiquiátricos, etc.), siempre periféricos, donde se hacina, de manera seleccionada y diferenciada, todo lo fuera de servicio, inservible, dado de baja, la basura, el detritus. Continue reading

Light Harp – Progress

I planned everything thoroughly. I ordered all the parts. And I just couldn’t do it…

I could not get my self to tear apart my beautiful old radio after spending so much time and money repairing it. In stead I went to my favorite dealer “Skrot Tor” and found a beautiful old Blaupunkt radio. This was a non working model, and a look inside did not give much hope for recovery. The guts suffered severe moist damage. A moral choice.
Interesting note: This is a German model, sold in Norway in 1951, only six years after the war. We Norwegians are forgiving people.

Here is a small gallery of my progress. The geeky technical details can wait..

I want to build a better Light Harp.

I have a new hangup.


When prototyping the light harp we used in the “Gassharpa” project, I found the contraption to be most pleasing to play. Already then I wanted to make a smaller scale model, suitable for indoor use and with better performance, but you know… after tinkering with the prototype for uncountable hours my mojo went dry.

Now the idea has been back for a while. As I am not a clever craftsman I have been looking for a cool thing to build it into. I found it right at my desk; my old tube radio which I bought with the intention to transform it into a guitar amp (it never did).

I am planning for eight strings @ 3 octaves, “touch” sensitive plucking and some clever ways to tweak the sounds, leaving it not just a gadget but a sensitive instrument worth playing.

My worst fear when planning projects is that anyone has already done it, only better. In the age of internet when you share yours darlings with die ganske welt, my worst fear is most likely to be true. However my searches reveals light harps of quite another kind then my invention. More spectacular in some ways. More useless in other ways. The technology I will use I have already tested and it works smooth. My only worry is if my light source is strong enough to give bright beams of light, provided some mist.

By the way: Sorry for not giving the end results of the Saw Project. The video mix down will not be ready for a finite amount of time. Same story. Mojo went dry..