Who We

Dr. Nikola


Electronic service engineer and lifetime geek.







Mr. Tesla


Theatre machine operator, slight nerd.

4 responses to “Who We

  1. hmm, not sure why your levels are so low electrically – looks like Eye movement ( you can filer that off in Ac cut of Analsye preferences )
    All EEG is prone to noise from signal, hair, muscle – artifacts. so be careful – i can present, talk, play bass on stage and not generate noise now ( EEG noise )

    I use IBVA with sleep recordings and get lots of changes in the EEG –
    also see some short videos of IBVA software speeded up in sleep and in realtime for a club where i Monitored Djs, scratch mixing you can see more on:

    Warning: Brainwaves, Biofeedback, EEG Sonifications and Cyber Sleep

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