In seventeen days the verdict against a group of guys that have dismantling Hollywood as a hobby will arrive. Apart from the copying of VHS and some cassettes for the C-64 in the 80ties, we have never indulged in piracy. We are all open source. But the resent Pirate Bay Trial offer some signs of a paradigm shift though. First of all the use of theatre as an interpretation model and the dramatization of the process from the pirate side. As a long time theatre practitioner I find this amusing, it even challenged the sense of live.

“Here all participants are potential actors in the Spectrial. Our channels form a meltingpot of reporting and engagement.

Our communication around the spectacle aims in no way towards an objective report on an external chain of events. Rather, the trial is a hub around which a whole new network of actors is instigated. Neither is the spectacle a question of old media against digital, social medias. Our social medias include a paper fanzine and a 32 year old bus, connecting us and others physically.

It’s not about the protocols nor the technology. It’s about using these to create new congregations, where anyone is invited and anyone can find their role, build new scenes and make their own performances.

The future is built by us. Us who participate in conversations. The future is built by us who explore how information and performativity is coming together. To refuse a debate and still expect to be able to charge consumers is since long a closed door. To also try and outlaw certain types of conversations is downright disgraceful.”

The trial even made blog headlines like: As charges change (again), Pirate Bay writes a book.

Neij explained that an extended group of people have privileges on the server, and contribute haphazardly as they see fit. The prosecutor seemed not to grasp the concept. “But someone must ultimately decide whether to put up a certain text or graphic,” he protested. “No,” Neij answered. “Why? If someone believes a new text is needed, he just inputs it. Or if a graphic is ugly, someone makes a better one. The one who wants to do something just does it.”

4 responses to “Spectrial

  1. Dear visionary departement. This theme followed me home. I think it is homeless. Can We keep it? Pretty Please?
    I think I will clean up the blog a bit and need us to stay with one theme. I looked through them all and found no other I really like.

  2. When large parts of the world?s internet
    traffic depends on whether Fredrik is too drunk to fix a server error, a
    radical diversification is needed to maintaing the power of P2P
    file-sharing. Dissolving the centered subject, abandoning a trademark to
    multiply what it stands for. That?s the implicit schizo-politics of The
    Pirate Bay?s recent move.

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